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FULL Wedding Organisation

Wed’in Paris specializes in creating unique and fantasy weddings with personalized details. We provide a full service of wedding planning from beginning to end. To coordinate with all the vendors such as your wedding venue, caterer, photographers, cameramen, and stylist etc., we aim to take charge of all aspects of this beautiful moment.

Wedding Planning & Coordination

To understand your needs and wants, we start working with you from D1.  Proving you with a full wedding planning from budget managing, wedding day schedule, to principal vendors arrangement.

Offering you a free-stress wedding.

Wedding Decoration​

Wedding decoration will convey your emotion and your taste to your guests, making it an essential element of your wedding. Our star designers always design the decoration according to your budget, your preferences and the venue.

Customized Services​

We offer tailoring services to make your wedding meets your expectations and budget. You Just Dream, We Make it True.


There are many different possibilities for your sacred ceremony. You might fancy a wedding in a small group away from others? With Wed’in Paris, you can opt for a more intimate and flexible wedding ceremony, only for you and your loved one.

Castle Ceremony Packages

You will have the opportunity to own your very own Castle wedding venue with our best celebrity photographers and make-up artistes, allowing you to enjoy your spectacular day.

Pre-wedding Shoot Decoration

We also offer a decoration service for pre-wedding shoots.

Corporate Events
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